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Save Time with a Laundromat Drop Off Service in Charlotte, NC

Doing your laundry is the type of chore that takes up a lot of your time. If you do not have laundry facilities in your home, then you usually need to sit around at a laundromat while you wait for your clothing to finish. North Tyron Laundromat is your premier drop off laundry in Charlotte, NC that takes the hard work out of this chore. Your time is valuable, so let our dedicated team take care of everything for you. Our service is priced affordably at $1.00 per pound for washing, drying and folding services that offer convenience and care.

Quick and Convenient Drop and Go Laundry

As the leading drop off laundry service in Charlotte, NC, North Tyron Laundromat provides exceptional service when it comes to caring for your clothing. Our clean and spacious laundromat boasts 29 washers and 36 dryers featuring large load capacities, allowing us to deliver the fastest and most effective service possible. Our process is simple: all you need to do is drop off your clothes, have them weighed, and enjoy the most cost-effective service that saves you time and hassle. We treat your clothes like they are our own each and every time.

Visit Our Drop Off Laundromat in Charlotte, NC Today

If your dirty laundry is piling up, why not have it cleaned the easy way with the leading drop and go laundry in Charlotte, NC? Visit North Tyron Laundromat today, or for more, call us at (704) 807-6969.

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